Warranty Information

Product Warranty

Sam Win International Ltd. guarantees that all products during the warranty period, if there are defects or failures in materials or functions, Sam Win International will repair or replace good products or products of the same level to serve consumers. Consumers must provide proof of purchase (including original purchase date and place of purchase), and description of product condition and price. Only Sam Win International Ltd. reserves the right of discretion.

This warranty only applicable to consumers who have purchased the company’s products through legal sales channels. Does not apply to used resale products or products purchased through other channels unauthorized by Sam Win International Ltd.

The calculation of the warranty period starts from the date of shipment. When requesting a product warranty, the original purchase documentation (covering invoice, etc.) of the product must be presented. If the relevant proof of purchase cannot be submitted, the warranty period will identify it based on the product serial number.

The warranty period is based on the product label, and customized products is 1 year from the date of shipment.

The scope of application of this warranty does not include damage to the product caused by unnatural external factors, and Sam Win International is not responsible for the data stored in the product.

If the following conditions occur, the product is not applicable to the Sam Win International Warranty:

  • When the product fails due to improper installation or improper human operation and other factors other than the product itself. [Note 1]
  • When the product is repaired or disassembled by technicians not authorized by Sam Win International.
  • Product damage caused by natural disasters, floods, earthquakes and other force majeure disasters.
  • When the product label or serial number does not match, is damaged, lost, unclear or the appearance is damaged.

  • Products purchased through distribution channels not authorized by Sam Win International.

[Note 1] Consumer products are not suitable for equipment that is used continuously for a long time, such as the following usage scenarios or devices:

1.Used for video, security monitoring, network monitoring and other devices.

2.Used for Car Recorder.

3.Used for loop writing or video playback devices.

4.Used for medical and military specific devices.

5.Used for uninterrupted and continuous data recording devices, such as servers, etc.

6.Used for applications that consume a lot of product life (TBW), such as mining machines, virtual currency computing.

7.And other uses and situations beyond general use, Sam Win International will judge according to the actual situation

Ø For the operational purposes listed above, the warranty period will not be applicable, so this warranty service cannot be provided.

(1) By 3A website [Maintenance Service]: Fill in the repair information, and return the product to Sam Win International Customer Service Center according to the relevant repair procedures.

(2) You can contact the relevant business to return the product to the Sam Win International Customer Service Center, and handle the after-sales service of the product according to the warranty terms. Before returning the product, please confirm the warranty terms with the relevant business.

Customer Service Center

4F., No. 21, Ln. 50, Sec. 3, Nangang Rd., Nangang Dist., Taipei City 115 , Taiwan (R.O.C.)




During the warranty period, under normal conditions of use, Sam Win International will be responsible for repairing or replacing products of the same level for failures caused by manufacturing processes or raw materials. Consumers do not need to bear the labor cost and replacement of parts cost.

※The above scope of application does not include damage to the product caused by unnatural external factors.

(1) This warranty does not apply to the rescue or backup of data stored in Sam Win International products. For products with storage function, please backup the original data in the product before sending it for repair. Sam Win International does not guarantee that the integrity of the data will be retained during the repair process, and is not responsible for any defects, damage or data loss caused by any factors during the repair (including delivery) process.

(2)Regardless of replacement or refund, the repaired products and accessories will become the property of Sam Win International. Sam Win International will pay for the return shipping for repairs completed or replacement products.

(3) The product only provides the warranty service at the original place of purchase. Please contact the local agent/dealer to provide the local warranty service, and the warranty service cannot be enjoyed across countries. Varies due to differences in service methods, processes or response times in each region.

After the authorized service center receives your repaired product, if it detects that your repaired product needs to be repaired or replaced, the replaced parts will be determined according to the local stocking situation, and may not be able to replace the same product as the product from the factory parts, the service center will take the initiative to inform you of the possible completion time of the repaired product.

Consumers are responsible for insurance and shipping costs for returning products. Products shipped to a repair location must be properly packaged to avoid damage during shipping.

(4) Product maintain is to repair or replace products of the same level, so the repaired product may not be the original product.

(5) Due to the continuous advancement of technology, the product is replaced quickly. If the product is discontinued or the original factory is no longer maintained, Sam Win International will replace it with a “alternative” of the same level.

(6) The warranty period of new products, good products or alternative Sam Win International products with similar functions that are replaced by this warranty service shall be subject to the remaining period enjoyed by the repaired products.

(7) In order to continuously improve product quality and performance, Sam Win International reserves the right to change product appearance, content, or specifications without prior notice.

(8) If the product does not meet the free warranty, Sam Win International will charge a service fee for the repair of the product at its discretion, which will be based on the formulation.

The above is the complete warranty terms of Sam Win International products, this term has covered all other oral or written warranties. In addition to the product warranty stated above, Sam Win International will not provide other warranties not included in this statement. To the Extent Permitted by law, any implied product warranties or special purpose warranties will not be admitted, and will not be illegal. Warranty conditions, whether express or implied, will only be valid during the aforementioned warranty period. If the laws of a specific country and region have a maximum time limit on the product warranty period, Sam Win International will provide technical support and warranty services to local consumers to the maximum extent permitted by the laws of the specific country and region. If the laws of a specific country and region do not allow the exclusion of implied warranties, Sam Win International only acknowledges that the implied warranty liability is valid in the specific country and region within the express warranty period of Sam Win International.

Sam Win International is only responsible for the maintenance and testing of the company’s products, and does not provide rescue or backup services for the data stored in the product. The company is not responsible for the loss of the data stored in the company’s products caused by any factors. Sam Win International is not responsible for any defect or damage to the product or loss of data caused by any factors during the delivery process for repair. It is recommended that you back up all the data stored in the company’s product and delete it from the repaired product before sending it for repair.

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable laws, Sam Win International hereby disclaims all liability for any loss of profit, loss of expected cost, loss of data, incidental, derivative or consequential damages arising out of the purchase or use of this product.

The products of Sam Win International are not designed for high safety purposes. The company does not recommend that you use the company’s products in life support equipment or other equipment that may cause personal injury or death due to product defects or failures, including but not limited to Medical or related equipment, military or related equipment, aircraft, traffic control equipment, disaster prevention systems, combustion control systems, nuclear energy equipment. If the company’s products are used in such applications, the company will not be responsible for any personal injury or loss arising from this application.

Thank you for purchasing Sam Win International products.

Please read this warranty clause and related matters carefully before use. If there are ICs and connecting fingers on the product, please minimize the contact when taking it to avoid damage to the product due to static electricity or poor contact due to connecting finger contamination. If you have any technical and compatibility problems during installation or after use, you can contact Sam Win International at the bottom of the official website, or leave a message to the customer service staff in the maintenance service of this website.

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