Data Preload / Copy Services

Copies of corporate presentations,
product catalogs, event videos,
marketing ads, and other related files
can be mass-produced accurately and

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ISO certification is trustworthy

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Why do customers choose Sam Win ?

All-round customized service
Regardless of the flash memory anti-deletion program, the anti-theft copy program, customized products, and the special flash memory data transfer program, it fully meets customer needs.

Professional service process
Using the data equipment with the best stability and compatibility in the industry, after the service is completed, a production record report conforming to the ISO process can be provided, so that you can safely copy the flash memory to Sam Win.

Fastest delivery
All kinds of storage devices have the most complete interface equipment, and can provide the fastest delivery time for urgent orders or large orders.

Professional equipment and services in place

Sam Win International uses professional data equipment used by many well-known notebook brand foundries to provide rigorous and fast valet copy services.

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Industrial equipment

The professional equipment we use is a professional copy machine designed with a closed system, with high stability and compatibility.

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Full copy

The professional copy machine uses 1:1 copy of data to ensure that the data is exactly the same and the data sequence is not disordered.

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Bulk copy

Sam Win has a huge number of equipment, with the industry-leading ultra-high performance, to help you deal with the most difficult urgent items.

Copy data
Hand over to professional

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Reduce risk

We use the most accurate industrial-grade equipment to reduce the risk of data copying or human error.

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Save time and energy

When copying files with flash memory, the seemingly simple work actually costs a lot of manpower, time, and equipment.

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Reduce costs

You do not need to invest a lot of equipment costs, but also save labor costs.

Support multiple storage devices

Copy the devices that others can't copy, and drive the time that others can't.

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SD /microSD EMMC

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CF / Cfast

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