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Whatever you need, professional equipment is used to provide rigorous and fast valet copy services, whether it is to deliver information or strengthen corporate image content marketing, leave it to professionals and provide services in place.

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Set USB disk name

Sam Win International can change the name of the flash drive according to the needs of customers, which can strengthen the corporate image and create sustainable marketing. Every time the user uses the flash drive, it will virtually enhance the goodwill of the company.
"Disk name" refers to the default name of the flash drive when it is initially formatted. This name is usually "removable disk". Just plug it into the computer to display the logo icon & exclusive name, with only a few changes. USB can have more unique features.

Anti-Delete Read-Only

With the advancement of digital technology and the trend of storing more and more data, USB flash drives have gradually replaced optical discs and become the main media for portable storage media. However, ordinary flash drives do not have the read-only function of optical discs. Sam Win International has found a solution to this problem and prevents the deletion of flash drives to meet this demand.

Anti-deletion options

•Anti-delete USB flash drive in the whole area.
•Part of the anti-delete USB flash drive-read-only anti-delete area + free access area.

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Anti-Copy Encryption Solutions for Audio and Video Files

Through the integration of software and hardware, the encrypted files are locked in the USB flash drive to achieve the perfect anti-copying and anti-tampering effect.

Data Preload / Copy Services

Copies of corporate presentations, product catalogs, event videos, marketing ads, and other related files can be mass-produced accurately and quickly.

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Package purchase​

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OPP transparent bag

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Transparent pillow box

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Transparent plastic box

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Magnetic buckle PP box

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Tinplate box

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Display box

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Paper card packaging