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Customized Q&A

Anyone above 20pcs can enjoy customized service, unique and exclusive.

Screen printing, laser engraving, full color, all have different effects, you can call us and we will provide you with the most suitable method.

Sam Win International uses well-known testing equipment and conducts internal three tests every time it purchases. Which three tests are there?

  • Test quality -100% for reading and writing tests, this is very time-consuming, but the quality is guaranteed
  • Test block is broken-test whether there is a broken part in the NAND Flash
  • Test compatibility-see if the device can be used normally on a computer or general playback platform

Made in Taiwan,Sam Win International has an ISO-certified production line, please feel free to leave it to us.

Yes, the USB flash drive has a basic one-year warranty. The warranty covers the main body, and the appearance is limited to new product defects.

During the warranty period, damages caused by non-human factors will be repaired or replaced free of charge.

The most important parts in the flash drive are the control chip and memory (NandFlash). The price of the memory is actually updated several times a day. In order to avoid prolonged time and price fluctuations, the validity period of the quotation provided by Santos is usually All within a week.

Anti-theft copy solution Q&A

The anti-copying flash drive is a complete copyright protection and mass production solution. It can combine the image, sound, and file encryption with USB to prevent data leakage internally, and protect the security of file circulation externally, so as to achieve the protection that cannot be copied. , And can be mass-produced.

  1. USB has become the mainstream of portable storage media, DVD players have disappeared from laptops, and mobile phones and tablets do not have DVD players.
  2.  The three-layer anti-copy technology protection prevents the content from being used illegally.
  3. The image can support 4K ultra-high-quality images.
  4.  It will not be unable to play smoothly because of insufficient network bandwidth or poor signal.

The anti-theft copy flash drive provides three layers of anti-theft copy technology protection, so that the published content cannot be used illegally

  1. Software encryption technology-Use special encryption technology to encrypt files. The encrypted files cannot be played by ordinary players.
  2. USB hardware device binding technology-dedicated USB device plus authentication code check to prevent it from being copied to general USB use.
  3.  Issuance batch authentication technology-encrypted content can be distributed in batches, and encrypted content cannot be used on another batch of USB devices to protect the distribution of different series of encrypted content.


Broadly speaking, images, sounds, and documents can be converted to MP3, MP4, or PDF by conversion software.

General computers, Apple computers, mobile phones, and tablets can be used, and unlimited fixed devices can be carried around for execution.

simple. Simply execute the playback program on the USB. Android and IOS need to install the application first.