SZV3oKp1 EN-S2-Y
btvZmVX1 EN-S2-Y

S2-Y Wave Metal Series

Free selection​

Wavy and dimensional texture by edge carve creates sport-car-alike and streamlined outfit! Several exquisite procedures present the effect of sport-car line. Delicate matte surface shows the arc light effect perfectly.

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9EK68r21 EN-S2-Y
odVdYEF1 EN-S2-Y


Color:rose gold、silver、Golden
Printing method:Laser engraving, screen printing
Interface: USB2.0, USB3.0

J6k4OwI1 EN-S2-Y

Optional storage capacity​

USB2.0 and USB3.0 transmission interface and a variety of capacities to choose from.​

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USB3.1 / USB2.0
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Additional services

High quality zinc alloy texture shell can be screen printed, or laser engraved to preserve your exclusive memory on it.

vpmvLUa1 EN-S2-Y

Laser engraving​

LM9miap1 EN-S2-Y

Screen Printing​

Additional services

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Data preload / copy services

Whatever you need, professional equipment is used to provide rigorous and fast valet copy services, whether it is to deliver information or strengthen corporate image content marketing, leave it to professionals and provide services in place.


Anti-deletion services

USB is a popularized mobile storage medium. Many companies use flash drives to transfer data for promotion and publicity. They don’t want the data to be deleted arbitrarily. Therefore, Sam Win launched W Mode USB to solve this problem.


Name USB drive

Just plug the flash drive into the computer and you can see the "LOGO icon & company name" displayed on the disk area. Small details change add points to the overall image.
Provide exclusive customer disk name settings, when you use this flash drive, you can feel the company's intentions, and immediately add points to the company's image.

Package purchase​

caBxUdV EN-S2-Y
OPP transparent bag
2cAoSFk1 EN-S2-Y
Transparent pillow box
LE1j4P0 EN-S2-Y
Magnetic buckle PP box
2mig69j EN-S2-Y

Transparent plastic box

Tinplate box​
L66tu0c EN-S2-Y
Display box
FjKLxsT1 EN-S2-Y
Wood sliding box(maple,walnut)
iQ5zl8k1 EN-S2-Y
Handmade lift-off box(can be customized)
amXRgbB1 EN-S2-Y
Book style magnetic box(can be customized)
SXeHcp8 EN-S2-Y
Paper card packaging​