About Us

About Sam Win

Sam Win International has more than ten years of leading research and development technology. It protects digital content, combines the use of multiple storage media, and network cloud management to provide customers with very safe and flexible digital Content circulation.

Core Technology

Digital content protection technology is the core technology of 3A International. This technology has a variety of copyright protection technologies, such as anti-copy, Anti-skimming, anti-printing, password protection, watermark protection, expiration date, playlist, etc.

Main business

Three stable business entities:

Digital content protection business

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The exclusive encryption kit developed by Sam Win can encrypt the digital content through a special encryption algorithm and store it in special flash drives that support W MODE, they can be distributed in large quantities using duplicators.
The content must be played through the decryption player in the flash drive. Other audio and video players, such as computers, cannot play its encrypted content. During playback, it also prevents the skimming software from taking screenshots and recordings, meeting the needs of digital content copyright protection.

Customized flash drive business

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Sam Win not only provides a variety of shells, various capacities of flash drives, and various packaging materials for you to choose from, but also customized screen printing and laser engraving services, which can make your products present the brand image and brand story.
Three major tests of quality, speed, and compatibility are also performed for each USB flash drive to ensure high quality.

Agent processing business entity

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Copy of professional information:
A large number of stable and fast copies, with high quality, high stability and high reliability. Providing complete production records and 24-hour monitoring is the most assured guarantee for customers.

Strict valet testing:
Detecting the quality, speed and compatibility of various storage devices, we can save these man-hours for our customers, and can accurately detect, and we are definitely the best partner for our customers.

Destruction of valet data:
Three professional hard disk destruction programs, hard disk data erasure, hard disk degaussing, and physical destruction will meet the customer's information security needs, and 100% achieve the goal of not leaking data.