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In the past, the Media Production Company published with optical disc.But nowadays CD/DVD equipment has been phased out in the market. Computer or Laptop also comes without the disc drive often. Hence some try to publish their content with USB but the concern will be the insecure protection mechanism of it. This concern last until they find this solution. Problem’s solved now.

Secure and Trustworthy Publish King
Compared with regular USB publishment ,Publish King is a solution way more safe and reliable. It helps to solve the concern of skimming and duplication, and reassures all users.


Fight Piracy together with Island Nation

Build up the secure and comforting entertaining visual world

In the 3C and consumer mobile device market, the competition has been increasingly fierce. Conducting commercial spying is what happens all the time. Island Nation is also suffering from this. Knowing that the content made with great effort is copied and released on pirated websites so easily would be such a heartbreaking thing for us. And we always like to release new and meaningful merch based on latest plot. After a long loop of endless inquiry and technics comparison, we’re lucky enough to find Sam Win International Inc. As our merch supplier ,Sam win has the leading expertise in Taiwan.


Asist Chi Po-Lin Foundation

Build up a safe and sound play platform

In 2017,Chi Po-lin ,the director of “Beyond Beauty-Taiwan From Above”, left this world suddenly and left behind vastly precious aerial photography assets. These are real records of Taiwanese natural and human landscape change across 1990-2017 , 28 years long. Which not only conserve the beauty of Taiwan ,but also have irreplaceable contribution for academic research , environmental protection advocacy and environmental education.

“Advocate for environment through images” is what director Chi had been doing whole life. That’s also what foundation will keep doing followingly. The image asset director Chi left is a matter of generations succession and intellectual property…