DliEQdz1 AP800單機版-EN

Standalone Version

You can still manage the writing ,reading ,accessing with great protection while distributing or sharing IP assets with physical device. It makes you rest assure.

Rigorously control all authorization

Start playing by few simple steps

gT1ZXSh1-1024x307 AP800單機版-EN

Exclusive encrypted USB

Easy for using. Can do laser engraving or LOGO screen printing on your style demand. More collection value for your IP.

taCiJoS1 AP800單機版-EN


Software protection plus hardware authorization. A high security platform with double encryption/double protection.

cRrIZbs1 AP800單機版-EN


Not just for anti-copy, we know it when there’s skimming software working. Fulltime detection backend is monitoring if there’s any skimming software working.

OIa1N0b1 AP800單機版-EN


Not just for anti-copy, anti-modify is also available. We can prevent any modify-no matter it’s deletion ,formatting or virus. We’ll block all accidents.

Three protection mechanisms to secure your IP

International encryption standard - AES256 encryption technique to insure safety of data

Insert and use

Support four major platforms
Windows PC  Mac.O.S Insert and use without installing any software

Mobile(IOS,Android) has exclusive APP, play after installation, no complicated procedure

Seize every fancy moment

Support 4K resolution , high definition enable you to enjoy and experience the most real scene on any platform

s2UESos1 AP800單機版-EN

Support protection for several data formats

Support digital content of PDF,MP3,MP4 format




Additional purchase of watermark is available

 Malicious digital transferring can be deterred by it

oQUQ9tg1 AP800單機版-EN