Best Solution for Digital transferring strategy

Through software encryption and hardware authorization, we can encrypted all media data. Strike a balance between data security and cooperation efficiency by encrypted data and authorized USB device while publishing publicly.

You can also realize the goal of Safety Publishment by our application and cloud service.

The current situation of Digital Publishment

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No CD/DVD drives in the market

No CD/DVD drives on laptop and computer

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Complicated operation process for DVD player

Need to install specific player software for DVD

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Skimming risk for cloud streams

No anti-copy/anti-skimming function on most cloud platforms

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Data protection can be easy –

Publish King mediaprotecting solution

A solution, with software encryption and hardware authorization, is the solid protection of copyright and the convenient way of mass production. Publish King is solid protection for copyright and safe for distribution. Which can efficiently prevent intellectual property from being copied ,skimmed or modified by people with bad intentions.

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Prevent intellectual property from being invaded

Put an end to hacking by Publish King


Avoid data breach from small things.

Unauthorized copied data can’t work

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High security, solid protection for original data

Program is monitoring whether there’s skimming software working or not all the time to disable the screenshot and screen recording functions

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Put an end to virus infection by limiting write-in

Read-only file, protect data same as optical disc Modifying the data is not available so no concern of virus infection!

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Why should you choose Publish King media protecting solution?

Safe And Sound

Efficiently prevent your brainchild from being copied ,skimmed or modified by people with bad intentions

Access Control

Manage the account of users efficiently and analyze the data with backend data

Customized Templates

Build up your own UI menu with our templates easily and instinctively

Switch As Your Wish

Support four major platforms, workable on your computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. Switch into different platform as wish anytime.