Q7fOZLA1 AP800認證版-EN

Certificate Version

Not only with anti-copy function but also good helper of data base authority management. Precise and convenient management of authorization

Comprehensive membership management

【Certificate management system for anti-copy】

Easy management, login and start it
Authority comparison for files, can’t be viewed even other people get your file. Multi- mechanisms for data protection

sAevYND1 AP800認證版-EN

Multi-authorization on file is available

Can authorize access to single or multiple users on demand. Putting them into different groups or categories with same demand is totally available.

cLABPqG1 AP800認證版-EN

Dynamic permission setting is available(Duration or frequency management)

Additional purchase of duration or frequency management on demand. Anti-copy and permission management can be achieved at once

sRK6kc51 AP800認證版-EN

Exquisite authority management

Prevent IP from being copied ,skimmed or modified. Efficient account management   with password protection

4xIAuq01-1024x220 AP800認證版-EN

Big data analysis in the backend

Distributors can follow up situation of users efficiently through backend system. Be well prepared for next publishment

vvJ6tN71-q0sf9dfkpkefmwolvrd7z352rdrcx8jbs5oifsmr5g AP800認證版-EN